We design unitized panels with principles that have been tried and tested such as drain joint, pressure equalization and rain screen principles. Also, consideration of the panel’s seismic capabilities, thermal separation and condensation ability are studied. All new designs are supervised from the design stage to final installation at the mock-up chamber. At the stage of the project’s life that is the most critical, yet the most enjoyable for the team after months of conceptualizing, designing, debating, sketching all culminating in a moment of glory when the test passes without any failures. It really is quite a thrill!


Reem Emirates Aluminum validates the design by performing the required tests on a mock- up sample through third parties that will be witnessed by the client’s representative. As a façade specialist Reem Emirates Aluminum Technical and Engineering Team provide assistance to the Client Representative through reviewing project specification for the testing requirements.

A selected Independent Testing Agency will prepare a Method Statement for the testing methodology that will be reviewed and approved by the Client Representative. Installation of the sample elements will be arranged and monitored by Reem Emirates Technical and Engineering team, Installation team and QA/QC Test Coordinator at an Independent Testing laboratory.

The Independent Testing Agency carries out the testing according to the approved Method Statement and internationally recognized standards.The test results are recorded and the repor ts are prepared by the Independent Testing Agency.


Reem Emirates Aluminum QA/QC and Installation Team review project specification for the field testing requirements and arrange the testing in collaboration with the Client representative. Either REA QA/Q Test Coordinator or the Independent Testing Agency carries out the testing in accordance to the approved Method Statement, Inspection and test plans and internationally recognize standards. The Test result shall be recorded and a report shall be prepared either by Test Coordinator or by the Independent Testing Agency.


The core business of Reem Emirates Aluminum is the design and manufacture of custom-made, unitized curtain wall panels. The aluminum curtain wall factory can produce more than 50,000m2 of curtain wall panels each month. From concept design to installation, each stage of the process is supervised by specialists to provide unique integrated technology solutions for architects, engineers and developers.

Active Curtain Wall Certified Technology
The components of the integrated technology and the entire system comply with the highest comfort criteria referring to a ‘Category A’ building defined in the ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55-2004 Standards.The technology offers Return On Investment (ROI) within 3-4 Years.

Alternative to Conventional Solutions
Reem Emirates Aluminum’s innovative building solutions consist of a double skin façade integrated with building HVAC System, floor cooling system, active chilled beams, daylight tracking blinds interfaced with LED lighting systems and Building Management System (BMS).